Don Tano Bongiorno’s Slightly Sicilian Twist on Chicken With Mozzarella

Chicken is, and has dependably been, a prevalent sustaining dish. There are about the same number of approaches to set up a delectable chicken supper as there are nations with their distinctive formulas and tastes.

Today, I’ll share with you a formula for chicken my mom used to make for us when we were close to nothing. She grins down on us from paradise today knowing she completed a great job. None of us ended up being lawbreakers and none of us at any point got stirred up in the Mafia. Also, I generally console concerned visitors to Palermo that the Mafiosi never again convey tommy firearms. They convey folder cases loaded down with hundred dollar notes and they purchase what they need as opposed to murdering individuals for it.

Where was I? Gracious yes, my Mama’s chicken formula – Chicken with Mozzarella.

Alright, first you get some boneless, skinless chicken bosoms. On the off chance that you have enormous eaters you might need to think of one as and a half for each individual, or maybe even two, and except if you have your own particular minimal vegetable garden at home, you should get some crisp basil takes off. (Hello, on the off chance that it ain’t got basil in it, it ain’t Italian. What would i be able to state?) And to wrap things up, a little square of mozzarella cheddar. You could get the cuts however that is not in the same class as the manner in which I’ll demonstrate you.

Presently, on a spotless cutting board, you spread out the chicken bosoms, smooth side up, and cut a few openings on a level plane over the best, about a large portion of an inch down.

Get that broiler going at around 400ยบ.

You can fix a container with aluminum thwart, if not, in any event shower it with non-stick splash. Spread the chicken bosoms out and embed a basil leaf in each open cut, a large portion of a cut of crisp tomato (Roma is extraordinary, however any tomato will do.) Add a decent thick cut of mozzarella cheddar. Furthermore, as a last touch, slip in a thin cut of new garlic.

Presently you tenderly brush or shower a thin layer of olive oil over the chicken. A few people like what they call Italian flavoring, yet I favor simply salt, pepper, a little sugar and perhaps a trace of oregano.

Marsala (basically Sicily’s national refreshment!) runs incredible with this, yet don’t drink the whole contain in light of the fact that you may consume your chicken.

After around twenty minutes, you should check the chicken. I utilize one of those little metal sticks they test cakes with. In the event that it tells the truth, your chicken is finished. If not, at that point you can simply kill the stove and let the chicken stay inside for another ten or fifteen minutes.

While this is going on, you can heat up any decision of pasta: spaghetti, rigatoni, mostaccioli or possibly great old elbow macaroni. Children love that and I wager Dad cherishes it as well.

For a decent sauce, toss a bunch of gently slashed garlic into a container with olive oil, and keeping in mind that that is getting extremely hot, toss in some cut onion and celery and green peppers. Once that looks basically done, include either some juices or, if not accessible, utilize some powdered meat or chicken or tomato juices powder with some water per teaspoon. Not all that much. Exactly what you think you’ll requirement for the family.

Once that is bubbled for a couple of minutes, strain it, include a container of tomato glue and perhaps a jar of diced tomatoes and bubble again for a couple of minutes.

Presented with a green plate of mixed greens and Parmesan cheddar ground newly at the table, you have an extraordinary supper and the family will think you truly cherish them, despite the fact that it’s only normal to cook.


1. Chicken Tano

One or 1-1/2 boneless, skinless chicken bosoms per individual

One pound Mozzarella cheddar

Two/three crisp Roma tomatoes

Three/four cloves crisp garlic

Olive oil

Quarter pound crisp basil takes off

2. Pasta

Pasta of decision as indicated by bundle bearings for amounts

3. Sauce

One 16 ounces of juices (canned soup, hamburger, chicken or tomato, is fine).

Convey to bubble and include:

hacked celery

hacked onion

hacked peppers

finely hacked crisp basil (utilizing whatever is left finished from the chicken stuffing

one little container of tomato glue

one container of diced tomatoes